Helping Hands Honduras is committed to eliminating all factors that stop children in Honduras to go to school. Unfortunately, malnutrition is one of the main factors. It not only massively decreases the cognitive abilities of the children affected, but also decreases their physical condition which leads to a higher frequency of illnesses and school days missed. Moreover, children often have to work from an early age on to contribute to the family income, so they can buy enough food.


Therefore, Helping Hands Honduras is operating three nutrition centres in the Talanga area which provide a healthy meal to the children on every school day. The nutrition centres are implemented into the community and involve the help of the pupil's parents, who are taking turns in cooking the healthy meal. Also connected to the school lunch program is our Farm, which is supposed to continuously deliver fresh food for the different cantinas. 

The effect

Motivation to attend school

The opportunity to receive a full meal each day and thus not stay hungry is an enormous motivation for the children to attend and do good at school every day.

Improvement of cognitive abilities

Sufficient and balanced nutrition is proven to have a big influence on peoples cognitive abilities. For school children in Honduras, this means a higher attention span, better grades and more motivation to make use of the education provided.

Improvement of physical condition

Receiving regular healthy meals has an extraordinary effect on the children’s physical condition. This health improvement prevents the kids from getting sick, which again lowers the number of school days missed.

The Nutrition cENtRES

La majada verde

La Majada Verde is a small village in the mountains of rural Honduras. From Helping Hands Honduras office in Talanga, it takes about 1.5 hours and is only possible in a 4x4 vehicle. Currently, the school lunch program in Majada Verde is only available for the 30 poorest children of the village. As Helping Hands Honduras grows, this nutrition centre is planned to serve food to all children of the village.


Not far from Majada Verde lies the little town of La Montañita. The local school is attended by 25 children who are all part of the school lunch program. Every month Helping Hands Honduras serves about 500 lunches to the children of this area, which heavily increases the attendance rate of this school.

Monte grande

The town of Monte Grande is located just outside of Talanga and can easily be reached by bus or car. Even though Monte Grande is close to the more urban Talanga, children go to school hungry regularly and the rate of malnourishment is alarming. To counteract this, we provide daily lunches to all of the 20 kids.


Biblioteca Municipal, B° Victoria, Talanga F.M. Honduras


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