Our mission is to create an environment where every child in Honduras has the opportunity and motivation to attend school daily. To achieve this mission, we set up several programs which aim to irradicate factors that hinder kids from going to school. We are certain that a continues execution of these programs, will improve the desperate situation of all people living in Honduras.

The situation in Honduras

General Poverty

62% of Hondurans live below the national poverty line. More than 1 million on less the $1.90 a day. More than 60% are under- or unemployed.



Helping Hands Honduras held a medical examination in the rural village of Majada Verde in 2016. The results showed that 90% of the people (young and old) are malnourished.


Enrolment rates improved since primary education became mandatory in the country. However, especially in rural areas, the attendance rate remains low and drop-out rate high.

Child Labour

Due to the general level of poverty, children are forced to contribute to the families income from a very young age. This stops them from receiving a proper education.

child migration

Since 2014 more than 43.000 children started the dangerous journey through Guatemala and Mexico to reach the USA. Most of the children get deported and sent back to Honduras.

youth gangs

Without education, reasonable paying jobs and prospects for a better life, youth often join street gangs who violently rule many parts of the country. 

why education?

Education is a fundamental element in any person´s life, regardless of socio-economic background. Literacy and numeracy are important for connecting with the world, but knowledge and understanding of sustainable living, social interaction and communication are all paramount for a successful and happy life. Through education, creativity and innovation are developed and nurtured which is essential to create a better future.

how do we help?

Even though education is so important, many children don´t or irregularly attend school in Honduras. Our goal is to counteract or irradiate the main reasons for children in Honduras not going to or dropping out of school. Namely, malnutrition, lack of school supplies and lack of health care. Creating an environment where all children have the opportunity and motivation to go to school regularly eventually solves many of the problems mentioned above.

We Fight Malnutrition

In order to solve the problem of malnutrition, we are currently operating three nutrition centres in the Talanga area which provide one healthy meal a day to all attending school children.

We Provide School Supplies

Even though education in Honduras is free, many families are struggling to provide the financial resources to buy the necessary school supplies for their children. This includes school uniform, shoes, books as well as paper and pencils. Helping Hands Honduras helps effected families and provides all the supplies necessary. Through this, we build the foundation and make sure that even the children of the most unfortunate families have the opportunity to go to school.

We Provide Health Care

In the unfortunate event of serious illnesses of children in the serving areas, we help effected families financially, so they are able to pay for occurring fees.

Personalities involved


Biblioteca Municipal, B° Victoria, Talanga F.M. Honduras




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