Volunteer with us and give underprivileged children in Honduras the opportunity to receive an education. We are always looking for passionate and motivated volunteers to help us with day to day tasks, improve and further develop the organisation and share their culture with us.

the worK

As a volunteer at Helping Hands Honduras you are 100% involved in running the organisations. Depending on your skills you may specialise in a certain working field, but be prepared to do whatever is thrown at you. We especially welcome volunteers who proactively want to develop and improve things. You will have a lot of freedom to implement your ideas and your work will be highly appreciated. Generally, the tasks are very diverse and often things pop up spontaneously. Amongst other things your tasks may include:

  • General Charity work: Visit the communities, schools and families we work with, organise and deliver food to our cantinas, help to cook in our cantinas, take pictures and videos of kids for their sponsoring parents, take part in meetings with other organisations or new communities, help children in the neighbourhood with homework.

  • Promotional work: Help to run our Facebook and Instagram channels, create promotional material for our website (videos, photos, text.), edit and write proposals for generating funds.

  • Local Fundraising: Provide English lessons and help with other occasional fundraisers such as selling clothes or food. 

  • Farm work: Gardening, building shelters for animals, cleaning and feeding animals.

The Experience

Your time at Helping Hands Honduras will most likely be an adventure. You will be completely involved in the unique Honduran culture which is likely to be quite different from your own. You will have the opportunity to visit the rural areas of the country and get a deep insight into the problems these areas face. Instead of visiting touristic hotspots, this will give you a much more authentic and raw insight into the real Honduran way of living.


Also, the volunteer experience with Helping Hands Honduras is a great opportunity to learn about how a grassroots development project works. You will get an insight into the daily work of a charity in Honduras and, depending on your interests and skills, have the opportunity to play an active part in growing and improving this organisation. If you are adventurous, proactive and want to make a difference this volunteer opportunity will be perfect for you. Nevertheless, the living conditions will be quite basic for the time you stay with us, which can be challenging from time to time. Moreover, you should prepare yourself for a difference in culture and way of doing things. Generally, you can expect to meet many warm-hearted and welcoming people who deeply appreciate the fact that you are here.

The Surroundings

Talanga is a town with a population of about 35.000 people. It has a gym, market, many restaurants and some cafes. There are a variety of churches for religious needs, such as Catholic, Mormon, Jehova's Witness and Evangelic. Close by you will find some touristic villages such as Valle de Angeles or Cantarranas. Our team usually spends a lot of time together after work and we often go out to eat.


You will live with a member of the foundation, so accommodations can vary in size. Depending on the host family you will either share a room with someone else or have a room for yourself. Some houses have running water (i.e. in the bathroom and kitchen) while others have just one tap from where they get clean water for all their needs (e.g. getting water for showering, cleaning dishes, etc.). WIFI will be available in your accommodation.


Please keep in mind that Honduras is a third world country, some things around the housing will be very different from what you are used to. If any of this is an issue you can talk to us beforehand and we can see if we can accommodate you somewhere that suits your needs. In case you are vegan/ vegetarian or have any kind of allergies, your host will make sure to provide a suitable option for you.

the requirements

  • More than 18 years old 
  • Basic Spanish skills
  • Motivated to make a difference

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Biblioteca Municipal, B° Victoria, Talanga F.M. Honduras




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