Many children in Honduras struggle to develop their full potential. A lack of food, clean drinking water and access to health care are just a few problems they are facing. Besides, the general level of poverty often stops them from receiving the education needed to escape this circle. Even though education is free in Honduras, many families are struggling to provide the financial resources to buy the necessary school supplies for their children. This includes school uniform, shoes, books as well as paper and pencils. If you want to make sure that even the children of the most unfortunate families have the opportunity to go to school, you can sponsor a child and change a life today.

the program

With a small monthly donation of 25€/20$, you will change the life of one of the most in-need children of the Talanga area, as they will of a sudden live in an environment where they have much better chances to develop their full potential and eventually escape the cycle of poverty.


The monthly donation will be split up and used for four specific purposes, namely Medical Care, School Supply, Nutrition and Administration. About 20% of the monthly donation is specifically used for the child’s medical and health care. This involves regular medical attention from dentists and other doctors but also covers the unfortunate event an of emergency. The second part (25%) is used to buy the necessary school supply to make sure that the sponsored child has all it needs to strive at school. This school supply includes the school uniform as well as shoes but also involves a backpack, books, paper and pencils. The biggest part of the monthly donation (50%) goes into the nutrition of the child, which specifically means one large meal per school day. We found out that sufficient nutrition doesn´t only improve the physical and cognitive condition, but also is a huge motivational factor for the children to regularly attend school. Since we lump together the nutrition part from all the sponsored kids of one area, we are able to let even more kids benefit from the donation. This means that also needy children for whom we haven´t found sponsoring parents yet, receive food at our nutrition centres. The last 5% of the donation is used to cover administration cost, such as costs for getting the food and school supplies to the villages in the mountains.

Sponsor a child and change a life Today!

how it works

1. Contact Us!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Together, we go through the terms and conditions as well as the duties and rights for you and us as the executing organisation.

2. Choose a Child!

The next step is to choose the child you would like to sponsor. The need for sponsoring parents is very high in the area we are operating in. However, we are trying to make sure that children in the most desperate situations receive help first. 

3. Stay in touch!

From the point, the first donation is made we will provide you with regular updates about the child´s development and progress in the form of video messages, photos and letters. If interested we can arrange a visit to the child´s village so that you can see the impact you are making. Most importantly its time to genuinely enjoy the feeling of changing a child´s life. And don´t forget to spread the word!

Get to know some of the children





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